Who we are

About Us


Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD) is an indigenous Non-Government Organization (NGO) that was formed in 2005 with mandate to operate in Uganda. FIRD was established strategically to support communities mobilize themselves to identify own problems, and participate in processes that seek perdurable solutions.
For over 13 years FIRD has been part of the great human rights grassroots Organizations and is committed to achieving gender equality, addressing Gender Based Violence, promoting sustainable development and human rights for improved quality and livelihood in rural communities in Uganda.

A society free from Human rights abuses and Violations

Our Overall goal is to transform the lives of the rural community through improved livelihoods, skills development, respect for human rights and ensure active community participation in socio-economic development.


Our Vision

Having empowered communities that drive their social- economic development needs freely.


Our Mission

To promote and advance economic and human rights in rural communities through research, economic empowerment, advocacy and capacity building.

Foundation for integrated rural development empowers girls, women and youth at the grassroot so they are aware of their human rights and enhances their skills so they can reach their full potential.
We thrive to empower a community that drives their social -economic needs and ensure women and girls have a voice and participate in development processes.

As a feminist organization working on advocacy we seek to strengthen the voices and agency of women and girls in advancing the demands of the Beijing+25 with various stakeholders to advance accountability on advancing equality commitments and supporting women and girls young to ensure the following demands are addressed.

Economic Justice

Ending Gender based discrimination

Criminalize gender based violence

Digital justice

Intergenerational co-leadership

Health and well being

Access to justice and protection

Sexual reproductive health and rights

Climate justice

Inclusive equitable and quality education

WHY Women and girls rights?

Promoting and protecting women and girls’ rights is not only a matter of justice and fairness but also crucial for social progress, economic prosperity, and the overall well-being of societies. It requires collective efforts from governments, civil society organizations, communities, and individuals to create a more equal and inclusive world for everyone.  FIRD focuses on advancing broader systemic Changes by collaborating with organizations, policymakers, and other stakeholders to address the root causes of gender inequalities and discrimination against women and girls in rural conflict and post conflict communities.